Wednesday night I went to the wine bar Terroir in the East Village. Terroir comes to us from chef Marco Canora and sommelier Paul Grieco (Hearth, Insieme). 

The place is small, with just one long communal table and the bar. It has a very laid back and comfortable feel, typical of most places in the East Village.

I luckily walked in with Mr. Grieco, (who I recognized outside, because I have the ability to recognize most personalities in the NYC restaurant industry) and I had him recommend what I should order.

I took his recommendations and went with the Hearts of Bibb Lettuce salad ($7) and the fried Sage Leaves with lamb sausage ($7). He paired these dishes with a unique Hungarian wine, which was wonderful.

The Hearts of Bibb Lettuce came with creamy garlic vinaigrette and bread crumbs. It was tasty, refreshing, and crunchy. I'm not a huge salad eater, but it was a nice start.


The fried Sage Leaves with lamb sausages were great! The lamb was juicy and succulent, and the wrapped fried sage leaves around them gave it the perfect crisp.


After these two little bites I decided to grab another bite and went with the fried Beet Risotto Balls with gorgonzola cheese ($7). (Too be honest, I initially thought it said "Beef" instead of "Beet" so my first thought was "Wow this beef tastes like beets!") The gorgonzola was the perfect complement for the beets, and both flavors were equally strong.



Terroir is the perfect wine bar. It has an amazing selection of unique and great wine, as well as a great menu of small bites to pair with the wine. The prices are not expensive too. It is definitely one of my favorite wine bars in all of NYC!

413 E. 12th St. (at 1st Ave)
New York, NY 10009