My favorite sushi joint in NYC is Sushi Dojo in the East Village. It's the best bang for your buck sushi omakase in NYC. Well, sushi dojo has a sister restaurant a few blocks east on Avenue B and 3rd Street called Dojo Izakaya, and it's quite delectable. It might be one of the smallest restaurants you've ever eaten in. But have a couple of glasses (or bottles) of sake, and feast on some of their izakaya bites.

Mizuna greens come with octopus and a yuzu dressing, which makes for a nice start. Definitely order the Gobo Chips, fried burdock roots with a spicy cod mayo. They are addictive, vegetarian, and wonderful.

Potato salad is served with salmon and topped with ikura, a magical touch. Gyoza is served in a soothing and spicy soup. 


What you definitely must order at Dojo Izakaya is their Hamburg Steak, pure ground beef steak with house-made demi-glace sauce and a fried egg on top. It's outstanding, magical, and fabulous! 

Dojo Izakaya

38 Avenue B (and 3rd St.)

New York, NY 10009