I love Thai food. I can crave it any moment in time. But, when I crave it late at night, there are few, if any options unfortunately. Well, a little angel has come into my culinary land, and that angel is Andy Yang, whose Rhong Tiam, in the East Village, is open til 4am on weekends, and 2am weeknights. You are a savior!

I had been to this spot before, when it was called "Kurve" (there used to be a Rhong Tiam in the West Village that was great, but has since closed too), and had a nice, flavorful meal. The food here is still good. The space is also one of the most futuristic looking spots you will dine in, in NYC.

A starter of Southeast style Buffalo wings ($5) was flavorful and tasty, and gave my stomach the late night satisfaction it craved.


Black Pepper Beef ($12) with fresh ground black pepper, scallions, and onions, was also flavorful and nice. My taste buds and stomach both congratulated me on a job well done.


I now thank God and Buddha on a nightly basis for granting me this dream come true, of a late night Thai destination in NYC. Dreams do come true friends. Late night Thai delicacies await you at Rhong Tiam. Thank God.

Rhong Tiam 
87 2nd Avenue (and 5th Street)
New York, NY 10003