The fact that there are stores that only sell cupcakes is an interesting thing. Who knew so many people (especially women) would clamor to a place that solely sells muffins with frosting on them, and that there would be a craze in NYC for this one type of food. I personally think cupcakes are overrated. "Sex and the City" put Magnolia Bakery on the map, but their cupcakes are just fair. Crumbs and Buttercup have popped up, but are their cupcakes really that good? My favorite cupcakes used to come from Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the Lower East Side, and they still make some of the best in NYC. But a few months ago I came across the BEST cupcake shop in NYC: Butter Lane.

I discovered Butter Lane after grabbing a Porchetta sandwich at Porchetta on 7th Street in the East Village. I had their peanut butter frosting on banana bread cupcake and was blown away! It was the best cupcake I had ever had. The combination of peanut butter (which I love) and banana was ingenius. 

Then, on a return trip to Butter Lane, there was a special of espresso frosting on banana bread, which again, blew my mind. THIS cupcake was the best cupcake I had ever eaten. The addition of three espresso bean on top, adding a touch of texture, took this muffin with frosting on top to another level, it was delicious and wonderful.


So, for the best cupcakes in New York City stop by Butter Lane, and get your mind blown, or at least be culinarily pleasured.

Butter Lane
123 East 7th St. (bet. 1st and A)
New York, NY 10009