A few weeks ago I stopped in Kyo Ya, an East Village Japanese restaurant I had heard great things about. Stepping inside Kyo Ya brought me out of NYC and into one of the most serene and calm restaurants I have ever encountered. It was like another world inside, especially because I was the only caucasian in the place, everyone else being Japanese (which was good sign to me that the food must be good here!).

I sat down at one of two bars and asked the waitress for recommendations. I went with the Yuba and Uni Yoshino style ($12) and the Kurobuta Kakuni ($12).

The Yuba and Uni Yoshino style is sea urchin on tofu skin in a crystal clear sauce. It was quite unusual, delicate, and had very unique textures. I really enjoyed the dish. The NYC FOODIE loves experimenting and loves trying new things. 


The Kurobata Kakuni is slowly cooked pork belly and was really good. The meat was extremely tender and the sauce was delicious. There was also something very delicate about the dish.


It seems the whole calm and serene vibe of Kyo Ya transpires through the food too. So if you desire great Japanese food, in a quiet and meditative setting, Kyo Ya is perfect. 

Kyo Ya
94 E. 7th Street (at 1st Ave)
New York, NY 10009