A new pork-centric restaurant has opened up in the West Village and it's quite good. The name, Swine, means leave your vegetarian friends at home, but you should def. check the place out. With a hip "rock and roll" vibe bar upstairs, and a chill dining area downstairs, it's a great place to grab a drink and devour some delectable bites. 

Potato chip nachos ($7), come with tasty pulled pork and are fucking awesome! (I swear I wasn't high) I'm glad I was dieting this night.


Heirloom tomato salad ($13) comes with zucchini blossom, ricotta, tri star berries, and orange zest.


Hudson Valley Duck Breast ($27), is served with a corn crepe, roasted mushrooms, and a honey glaze. It was a great dish and I loved it.


Of course since I was dining at Swine, I needed to try their bacon ice cream for dessert. And guess what it tasted like? Mmmhmm.. If you love bacon like me, then you'll love this dessert. I think they should have sprinkled some bacon bits on top, and just go crazy. 


Swine is a fun place for sure. With great bites and a cool vibe, it does a body good.

531 Hudson St. (and Charles)
New York, NY 10014