What was once the Pink Tea Cup, is now Chef Jody Williams' (Gottino) Buvette, and it's an amazing little place. She calls it a "gastroteque"; it's a wine bar, a cafe, and a restaurant all in one. It's a neighborhood place where you might want to come in for breakfast in the morning, and back again for some wine and small French bites for dinner. It is charming, quaint, and just about perfect. 

I stopped in recently and fell in love with the place. I really felt like I was whisked away to France. The food at Buvette is mainly small French bites, from a limited menu, perfect to accompany a nice glass of wine. What really made this restaurant for me though, beyond the food, was a waiter. A small little French man, whose name I forgot, but he left a memorable, lasting impression on me. He was not an actor, but if this were a French film, he would be perfectly cast as playing the waiter in the film. He was charming, energetic, enthusiastic, and very French. In all my years of dining, I never met a waiter that portrayed the part of waiter so perfectly. It was as if Remy (the rat from Ratatouille) was a man. A little French man, passionate about his job, and his customers.

Artichokes were delectable. 


Steak tartar will surely tickle your fancy, as well as your taste buds.


A special of potato, cheese, and prociutto on toast will pair perfectly with a splendid Burgundy.


So stop by this West Village charmer when you have a moment. Grab a glass of vino, have a small bite, and make sure you say hi to that little French guy running around. A magical evening awaits.

42 Grove St. (bet. Bleecker and Bedford)
New York, NY 10014