Hey All,

I hate to write anything negative, but I am compelled to. I'm all about positivity, in life, and especially on this site. If I don't like a restaurant, I won't write about it. I don't want to give this restaurant any press at all, but I would like to let you know that the WORST restaurant in America is called Shopsin's, and it is located in the Essex Street Market. Whatever you do, do NOT go there! And guess what? I haven't even eaten there! In fact, supposedly this place is known for their negativity, but that is unacceptable in NYC, and in our society. Everyone should be positive! 

On my way home from entertaining children in Brooklyn, I realized I was going to be passing by the Essex Street Market, and had heard good things about the food at Shopsin's, a place I had been wanting to try, so I decided to check it out. When I got to this little nook of a place at 2:20pm, the young chef (owner's son) came out from the kitchen, and I asked him, "Are you guys open?" And he said, "No, we close at 2pm! Don't you look at the hours of a a restaurant before you go?!" At first I thought he was joking with this negative response to my innocent question, but he was not. I replied, "No, I usually let the universe guide me. It's all meant to be. It's been a dream of mine to eat at Shopsin's. Guess it's not meant to be." I then asked, "What's your favorite dish on the menu?" And he replied, "The menus is right behind you, look at that!" And proceeded to slam the gate down in front of me! Really? 

There is no need for any negativity any time, any where. I don't care how good your food is. There are thousands of restaurants I could be dining at, why would anyone want to dine in a place filled with negativity? I rather eat a turd then ever eat at Shopsin's. I never will. 

If you ever find yourself at the great Essex Street Market, stop by the new Heritage Meat Shop for a sandwich, Brooklyn Taco for a taco or tamale, and Roni-Sue's Chocolates for dessert. If you walk by Shopsin's, try not to look that way, I want you to have a great day!

All The Best,