Ah, the gastropub. What is a gastropub? A bar with great food? Yes. Probably the most popular and best example of the gastropub in NYC, is The Spotted Pig. I went to the recently opened Jones Wood Foundry, a food driven pub on the Upper East Side and was blown away. First off, I really never eat on the UES, but I now have a reason too. The Jones Wood Foundry, in my humble opinion, is now the best example of a "Gastropub" in New York City.

I stopped by for lunch two weeks ago, and fell in love with the place. It is quite charming, with a great layout and a space that will whisk you away to the outskirts of London when you step inside. And of course, the food is top notch.

Tuna tartare ($14) with crunchy tempura and wasabi is absolutely lovely. 


The JWF Burger ($18) is truly fabulous too. DeBragga dry aged blend beef, which I topped with Stilton cheese was juicy, succulent, and a joy to devour.


And now ladies and gentleman, I'd like to introduce you to the best fish and chips I've ever had. I don't eat fish and chips often, and have not had every fish and chips dish in NYC and beyond, but I don't see how any fish and chips can be better than the one I had for lunch two weeks ago at Jones Wood Foundry ($22). Beer battered Cod (or haddock), served with tartar sauce and fresh lemon, was a lesson in frying perfection. It's somewhat hard to explain what made this so perfect and wonderful, without you trying it for yourself, and I recommend you do. The fish had this layer of batter that was perfectly crunchy, encasing the wonderful and tender fish inside. It was just perfect and you need to try it.


So for my pick for NYC's top gastropub, Jones Wood Foundry is the winner. Grab a pint, and then order your fish and chips, relax, and enjoy life. True magic awaits.

Jones Wood Foundry
401 E. 76th St. (bet. 1st and York)
New York, NY 10021