I stopped into the brand spanking new The Dutch this past week, the new American restaurant from the team behind Locanda Verde (Chef Andrew Carmellini, Josh Picard, and Luke Olstrom). The space is large, a modern tavern, with plenty of room for dining on Andrew Carmellini's wonderful American fare. Carmellini and his team struck foodie gold with Locanda Verde, and have yet another winner here with The Dutch. There has been a lot of press on this place as of late, everywhere I looked, it was The Dutch this, The Dutch that, and I'm never a fan of too much hype and press over a place that had yet to be opened. Fortunately though, after my experience Wednesday night, The Dutch lived up to all the hype. It's a great restaurant. Period.

I got to the place at 1am. They serve a late night menu til 2am, which is awesome because I love late night dining. I started with the little oyster sandwich ($4). After one bite, I was in love. It's a fantastic sandwich. A little sesame seed bun, with a beautifully cooked fried oyster, complemented with a great sauce. Order at least one.


Smoked lamb links ($15), with local yogurt and red quinoa, was quite excellent too. America is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, this dish had touch of Greece. I loved the smokiness of the meat, and it was a playful dish, that made my taste buds happy.


After Greece, I took a side trip to Mexico, with the Barrio tripe ($14), beer and avocado. I tend to order tripe when I see it on a menu, and this tripe dish was beyond great. It's an amazing dish. The tripe is soft and tender, and the sauce it's in is divine. The dish reminded me of a tortilla soup-the best tortilla soup I've ever had.


Nothing says America like apple pie, so I of course ended with a slice. It was great, and the perfect ending, to a wonderful, late night, truly American meal.


Sometimes you just got to believe the hype. The Dutch is a great restaurant. I think it's an instant classic, and I will be a regular here for years to come. You should check it out too. I'll go with you if you want; we'll go Dutch.

The Dutch
131 Sullivan St. (and Prince)
New York, NY 10012