I stopped by Blue Hill last weekend and was blown away. I had heard amazing things about this place, as well as their sister restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns, where Chef Dan Barber is utilizing the freshest of his local ingredients. 

I took a seat at the small square bar up front, where it was almost like "Cheers", where everybody knew everyone's name. The bar was filled with regulars, it's a true neighbood spot. Except, I can't recommend the restaurant for only those who live in Greenwich Village, I recommend Blue Hill for anyone who lives in America.

When I dine at a restaurant with the caliber of Blue Hill, I want them to show me what they are made of. I told the waitress to have the chefs send out whatever they wanted. Blow my mind. And that they did.

Three amuses to start the night off, a mini asparagus burger, a piece of salami, and a duck heart, set the mood for the evening. Fresh and great bites, nothing crazy, but oh, so perfect.


A beetfurter, an appetizer of beets, that was like a "frankfurter" but made with beets, was ingenious, and awesome.


The bread basket needs to be talked about at Blue Hill as well, not so much the bread, but the condiments that accompany it. They are all mind-blowing. (There was some ricotta, some green salt, something orange, and some fab butter. Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly what this stuff was because when I just called the restaurant to ask them politely, the gal on the phone said I need to go through their press gal, which is so beyond ridiculous, that I almost threw up..She couldn't just tell me what the condiments were? If I didn't say I was writing about it for my website, then she would have. Luckily Blue Hill is an amazing and special place, so anywhoosies..)


A plate of asparagus with an egg underneath was fabulous. The asparagus obviously picked fresh that day from their farm, was delicious, and perfectly seasoned.


A dish of the morning's farm duck egg with spring onions, ramps, leeks and 'bio char' vegetables, was heavenly and exquisite.


The Stone Barns Berkshire Pig, with swiss chard, ramps, bacon and shiitake mushrooms was absolute perfection. A pig dream true. The meat perfectly cooked, with great flavor, this little piggy had me smiling all the way home.


Dessert at Blue Hill is a treat for the senses as well. A carrot/orange sorbet served over ice, a red wine and rhubarb soup with lemon sorbet, and creamed wheat with granola and passion fruit sorbet, were all lovely and truly awesome! What a terrific ending to a tasting at one of America's top restaurants.


Also, don't leave without consuming Blue Hill's petit fours, like the rest of the meal, they are perfectly executed deliciousness!


So for a taste of one of NYC's best restaurants, Blue Hill is the spot. Local, farm fresh ingredients, at its best. 

Blue Hill
75 Washington Place (bet. 6th ave and Macdougal)
New York, NY 10011