In the back of a Japanese butcher store in NoHo lies a hidden gem of a Japanese restaurant called Bohemian. There is no published phone number for this great culinary oasis, you must get it from someone who has been there before. This makes for quite the intimate setting, and lucky for me, I got that phone number.

I dropped by with a group of 8 this past weekend, and we had the $55 tasting menu. The place is not easy to find. I can tell you the address is 57 Great Jones St., and during the day you'll see the Japanese Premium Beef storefront, but at night that front is covered, so good luck. Once you find the restaurant, you still need to ring a bell to have a waiter let you in, but once that happens, it is pure bliss for the rest of your night. 

It's like you are eating in someone's living room. A very sparse and minimal room, a little garden underneath the far wall, a classic bar the opposite. It's relaxing, cool, hidden, and awesome. Paired with the awesome vibe, is awesome food.

A medley of vegetables served with an anchovy fondue, were fresh as can be and fantastic. The fondue, soothing and delicious.


Cold cuts from the butcher Herve Katz were fabulous. Each had a wonderful smokiness to them, and it was a wonderful second course.


A mushroom risotto croquette topped with sea urchin was unbelievable! A true orgasmic bite!


Pan Roasted branzino served with abundant roasted vegetables was fantastic! Not only was the fish delicious, the vegetables were better than they needed to be. It was all fabulous!


The ikura and sea urchin rice bowl was truly splendid.


The Wagyu-beef burger was superb. I could tell why Wagyu is more expensive than every other meat, for this meat was rich and unbelievable. The potato that came with the burger was great too.


We ended the meal with a sake panna cotta, which was simple yet amazing. Just like Bohemian.


If you get the phone number to Bohemian, I recommend you go. It's a unique experience, and one you'll never forget. 

57 Great Jones St. (bet. Bowery and Lafayette_
New York, NY 10012