I stopped by the futuristic, ultra modern food hall, Food Parc, last week for lunch. Jeffrey Chodorow's take on the food hall, designed by the guy who designed the sets for the movie "Bladerunner", has some tasty bites. It consists of four restaurants under one roof, and I tried food from two of them. You order from screens throughout the space, a technologically advanced way to order. 


First up was RedFarm Stand from dim sum master Joe Ng. A short rib bun ($4.50) with roasted red peppers and scallions, and a duck bun ($4.95) with scallions and hoisin sauce, were fine and tasty.


Katz's Pastrami Egg Roll was great. The concept of bringing this NYC institution's meat to midtown, and putting it inside an egg roll, is pure genius. I loved the crispy outside too.


My favorite dish at RedFarm Stand was the crispy chicken and shrimp pops ($4.95). Crispy chicken encasing juicy shrimp, with a side of peanut sauce, is total perfection for the NYC Foodie!


I also had bites from 3B'S (bacon, burgers, beer). Skip the bacon snack ($3.50), thick-cut Neuske’s bacon and dried cherry BBQ sauce. This bacon had too much seasoning on it. Bacon is so good, it needs nothing on it, let it speak for itself! Instead, order the 3B's Special burger ($6.95), Pat LaFrieda’s No .7 Hanger Blend, American cheese, 3Bs secret sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and crispy onions. This was a really good burger. It has a lot of stuff on it, but I enjoyed it immensely! (I swear I wasn't high)


Stuffed Hash Browns ($2.95), with Nueske’s bacon, cheddar and onions were tasty little bites, and would satisfy anyone who had the munchies. (I swear, still not high!)


So for one of the most futuristic meals in NYC, stop by Food Parc. You can satisfy many cravings, and you don't even need to be high (I'm sure it would be cool too if you were though.)

Food Parc
6th Avenue at 29th Street (at the Eventi Hotel)
New York, NY 10001