TABLE FOR ONE: SATSKO (this location has closed)

Last Thursday I had the honor of being invited to a sake tasting at Satsko in the Lower East Side, a small Japanese Sake Bar/Restaurant. The restaurant was quite empty except for two tables of girls who looked like they were regular watchers of "Sex and the City". The fact that Satsko was empty on a Thursday night was surprising to me, especially after my tasting and meal there, for Satsko is a wonderful hidden treasure.

I was brought 6 shots of different sake by Satsko, (who is the gracious owner,) and she educated me on all of them. I've had sake many times before, but it was great to learn about and taste the differences in each type.

I was then brought out a tasting plate of food which was great! There was beef wrapped around scallions, basically a take on beef negimaki, which sat on wasabi mashed potatoes. The wasabi mashed potatoes were the perfect compliment to the beef and tasted great.

There were a few pieces of yellowtail sushi wrapped with radish, and had kelp and cilantro inside as well. This was so unique, and the textures and flavors were wonderful!

There was a nice little salad on the side with yuzu, which gave it the perfect acidity.

There was one piece of pressed sushi which consisted of three layers; salmon and eel on top, and spicy tuna in the middle. I've never had this type of sushi before, but all the layers worked well with each other.

I also enjoyed some thinly sliced pieces of avocado that came on the plate.

After having this unique, colorful, and wonderful tasting plate I was still a little hungry (and slightly buzzed) so Satsko recommended I try one of their signature dishes; Asian Chicken. I'm so glad she recommended this dish for it was amazing. Def. the perfect dish for when you are a little buzzed or drunk, and great when you are sober as well! The dish is marinated deep fried wings and drumsticks (twice-fried) and accompanied by a delicious chipotle sauce. I think double-frying the chicken is ingenius and I fell in love with the dish!

Satsko is a great laid-back spot perfect for grabbing small Japanese bites and a wide-array of sakes. They actually have different events each day of the week, including a sake tasting, just like the one I had, every Wednesday for $35 a person. I would recommend going to Satsko though any day of the week for a great time and great food.

245 Eldridge Street (off of Houston)
New York, 10002

(Note: There is another Satsko located in the East Village at 202 East 7th St.)