Friday night I met my sister and her friends at Landmarc in the Time Warner Center. I have been to Landmarc in Tribeca which I like a lot and wrote about it for this site. I had heard mixed reviews of Landmarc at the Time Warner Center, but was eager to check it out.

After my sister left, I went to the bar and ordered the Landmarc hamburger and fries ($15). I wanted to add cheese ($2) to the burger and took the bartender's suggestion and went with smoked mozzarella.

Ladies and gentleman the hamburger at Landmarc at the Time Warner Center is NYC's best hamburger! It is the best hamburger I have ever had, and in fact cannot stop thinking about it! It was perfectly cooked medium (as I asked,) thick and juicy. But, what stood out about this burger is that there was some sort of seasoning in it, maybe it was just salt and pepper, I'm not sure, but I could taste it and it tasted great! The addition of the smoked mozzarella was perfect too. I added onions, lettuce, and pickle to it and it all tasted amazing! I will say that the fries were nice and crispy but underseasoned and definitely needed the addition of salt and pepper.

So, for the best hamburger in NYC definitely stop by Landmarc at the Time Warner Center!

Landmarc (At The Time Warner Center)
10 Columbus Circle (3rd Floor)

New York, NY 10019