One of my favorite restaurants in NYC is Fatty Crab. For powerful, flavorful Malaysian cuisine it surely hits the spot! I have been coming here for years, but it wasn't until last week, when I tried their signature chili crab dish. I will tell you that after consuming this dish, it has become one of my favorite NYC dishes. Just like the other dishes on the menu, this dish, with its fresh crabs, chili sauce, and white toast, has amazing flavor. Flavor that starts off with a touch of sweetness, then a level of spiciness that sneaks up on you, ever so gently, and beautifully. It's a fabulous dish. It did cost me $44, which is definitely pricey, so I recommend sharing the dish with someone else. It's also a very messy dish, so if you come on a first date, be prepared to get messy! I don't mind getting messy with food and flavors this delicious though; i would consider taking a bath in that chili sauce any day.


Fatty Crab
643 Hudson St. (bet. Horation and Gansevoort)
New York, NY 10014