Last Sunday for Mother’s Day the NYC FOODIE and his family did what most families across America do on Mother’s Day; we went to Chinatown for a dim sum brunch. I love dim sum, and go to Chinatown on a regular basis to consume a hodgepodge of these Chinese delights. There are a bunch of dim sum spots in Chinatown that I like, including Ping’s Seafood and Jing Fong. On this day (created by Hallmark for capital gains--every day should be Mother’s Day!—duhhhh) we went to Red Egg, a spot I had never been to, but had read about.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, I realized I had no idea how to get in; it was tricky (I think the handle on the door had broken and was missing, but there was no signage). It took me a few minutes of walking to other addresses on the block to find a door, and peeking inside the window, til a hostess opened the door for me. But once inside, I found the sleekest and most modern of all dim sum houses in Chinatown, with some tasty bites too!

I love dim sum because you get to try a little bit of everything, and the NYC FOODIE’s family shares EVERY dish we order when we dine out. (PS. NYC FOODIE PET PEEVE #1- People who order the same dish as their dining companions, when dining out- come on people! Learn to share and expand your culinary horizons!)


We ordered a plethora of tasty dim sum, and all were pretty good. Red Egg is different than many of the other more authentic dim sum spots in Chinatown, for instead of ladies wheeling around carts, and you point to what you want, here, you check off on the menu what you want to order, which is nice.

One stand-out was the addictive garlic spare ribs. 



The only dish I could have done without was the shrimp salad with Huacatay salsa. This taste of Mexico in Chinatown was bland and not good.


A real keeper was the braised noodle dish, which was great.


Red Egg is definitely a dim sum dining destination in Chinatown. For the sleekest dim sum experience in this part of town, bring your mom, or bring a friend, but bring an appetite and get "sum"!

Red Egg
202 Centre St. (at Howard St.)
New York, NY 10013