Last week I went with my fam to Kuma Inn, a Lower East Side Asian tapas spot I had been to before, and loved. I was excited to go again. Kuma Inn is definitely a foodie destination for those in the know, for it's not too easy too find, situated on the second floor of an old building, above the Bulgarian bar Mehanata. Definitely a hidden treasure!

Once you find the place you will be in for a real treat of some great Asian tapas that are really well priced, with nothing above $12.50, making this a true great bang for your buck!

It's definitely better to go with more people so you can try more dishes, and another aspect to note it that it's BYOB which is not only awesome, but keeps your check low by the end of the meal! (Of course, when your mom pays for your meals, the check is always low--thanks mom!!)

My family likes to share (perfect for a tapas restaurant) and we got a bunch of great dishes.

A special of shrimp shumai was probably the best shumai I've ever had! I loved the chewy texture, the freshness of the shrimp, and the sauce.


Pan roasted ocean scallops with bacon, kalamansi and sake ($11) was absolutely delicious, and sat in very soothing sauce.


A special of calamari with a sesame sauce was really tasty and addictive.


Yellowfin tuna tartare with a rice noodle crisp ($10.50) was simple and refreshing.


Steamed P.E.I. mussels in kaffir lime coconut curry ($11) was also a very addictive dish. (I had the most empty shells on my plate!)


The Washington state, Willapa Bay oyster omelet ($9.50) I loved. It was unique and delicious!


We also got two sides of rice; the garlic rice ($2.50) and the coconut rice ($2.50), which were great, and I would recommend getting to complement the tapas.


Kuma Inn is one of the great hidden treasures in NYC. Not only is the food great, but the low prices will keep you wanting more. In this economy, sometimes it pays to search low and high for the perfect spot.

Kuma Inn
113 Ludlow St., 2nd Fl, (bet. Delance and Rivington)
New York, NY 10002