This past Friday I had a really nice lunch at Montenapo, the new Italian restaurant in the New York Times Building. It's a very large space with large glass windows. It seems geared to cater to the "Power Lunch" crowd.

My friend and I started with the Cappesante and the Burratina.

The Cappesante ($18), seared jumbo sea scallops with sunchokes puree, black truffles, veal reduction and micro greens. I like scallops, but do not order them often, but was glad we ordered these, for they were great! They tasted extremely fresh, and I loved the addition of the black truffles on top.


The Burratina ($20), 24-month aged Parma ham with soft center fresh mozzarella, baby arugula, marinated organic cherry tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, was not only delicious, but it was truly beautiful to look at. It was the perfect salad.


Since I am on a quest for the city's best pastas, I had to order some pasta here, and lucky for me Montenapo has a nice deal, where for $25 a person, you can try three small portions of their homemade pastas, which we did. I also love trying a bit of everything which made this deal really appealing too. We went with the Mezzaluna, Rigatoni, and the Agnolotti.


The Mezzaluna, half-moon raviloi, filled with ricotta, parmesan cheese, mint and honey, served with sweet tomato sauce was unique and was like no pasta I have ever had. Each flavor was distinct and you could taste them all separately, as opposed to one big mash of a flavor. It was nice.

The Rigatoni, with Roman cured organic "Guanciale" pork jowl, braised white onions, parmesan cheese, crushed black pepper and fresh rosemary was great and addictive. 

The Agnolotti, filled with braised veal cheeks, served atop of celery root puree and veal stock reduction was rich and delicious.

I really enjoyed all three pastas, for not only were they all perfectly cooked, but all the flavors were different, unique, and wonderful.

We also shared the Tonno Rosso ($33), grilled tuna loin with vegetable filled red onion, organic black rice and tomato, olives and capers "Sicilian" sauce. This was a fine hunk of tuna, that wasn't mind blowing, but a decent dish. I enjoyed the black rice a lot, which I rarely ever have.


Of course a fabulous lunch would not complete without dessert, so we shared a really delicious Tiramisu ($9), lady finger cookies soaked in double espresso and layered with marscarpone cheese.


Montenapo is a great new high end Italian addition to the Midtown dining scene. If you are looking for quality ingredients and great dishes for a "Power Lunch" or a Pre/Post Theater meal, check this place out!

The New York Times Building
250 West 41st Street (bet. 7th and 8th ave)
New York, NY 10018