Hey all you Foodies out there, check out this casting call!!

Compete for love & glory!

We’re looking for a diverse group of people to compete in the $12 Challenge in NYC during the month of August, 2009. Click the link below to see some examples of the show:

But now were going to make a bunch more. Shooting will take place at various times (mostly weekends) during the month of August. It will take about three hours of your time, not to mention your energy and ingenuity.

We are looking for both “suitors” and “dates” for the $12 Challenge. The “suitors” are the cooks that will compete for the affections and culinary accolades of the “dates”.

The suitors (or cooks) should be single, sexy, and ingenious cooks. Big personalities and enthusiasm will go along way

The dates (or judges) should be single, sexy, and have a love of food and romance. We also welcome people with unique dietary requirements.

If you’re interested on being on the $12 Challenge, please 1) send a photo or two of yourself plus 2) your phone number 3) a brief description of why you’d be a great suitor or date. Also, please 4) describe the type of person you tend to be romantically attracted to. All sexual orientations are welcome. You must be between the ages of 20 and 30 (sorry!). Send submissions to:

Participants will be paid $100 in cash, plus have a 50/50 chance at winning money to take your judge on a fancy date.