Pouring Ribbons is a great cocktail lounge in the East Village. I have been there a few times, and love everything about it..until now. Unfortunately, whoever the doorman there is, is an asshole. Or maybe a douche? Or maybe just a nice guy on a power trip. Or maybe doesn't get it. Or maybe the owners have an identity crisis? Like, why does a cocktail lounge have a doorman? Many in NYC do, of course. 

I was dining in Brooklyn, and wanted to take my friend for a drink at Pouring Ribbons to show her what a cool and great cocktail lounge is. I called first, to see if I needed a reservation, and Jason, a partner said I did not, they have 88 seats, just come by. Great! 

When we approached the door, there was a doorman and four other people waiting outside. This is a rainy Wednesday night. I know 88 seats were not filled. Why are you making people wait outside? Are you on a power trip? Are you some sort of special lounge where only "cool" people can consume your booze? I told the doorman I had just called, and the man I spoke with said I could just stop by, and he went inside, and came out 5 minutes later saying he didn't have a reservation for me. Listen buddy, there are thousands of bars and lounges in NYC, I could go to any, you should be honored we were there to give you guys business. Quit the bull shit. I live down the block from you guys, learn how to treat your neighbors. Why are you making people wait outside? Because you are a fucking asshole, that is why. Or maybe you are just following rules from your bosses? This is not how you run a business. Pouring Ribbons you lost my business because your doorman is a douche, or maybe your policies are ridiculous. 

I'm all about positivity, and only like to write about positive things on this blog. But, in today's economy, being a douche is unacceptable, and quite costly. Customer service is key. You guys fucked up. Just saying.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!