Have you ever tried the flavors of the Yunnan province of China? Most likely, not. The only restaurant in Manhattan serving food inspired by this province of China (that I know of) is the recently opened Yunnan Kitchen in the Lower East Side. I dropped by back in June and had a tasty meal. The owner, Erika Chou, told me the dishes, from chef Travis Post, are not 100% authentic, but inspired by the flavors of the Yunnan province The low-key, casual vibe, mixed with tasty bites, makes this a great place to explore these flavors and have a magical culinary adventure in the heart of the LES.

Fried potato balls ($8) with Yunnan spices and a soy-vinegar sauce are a fine little snack. It was hard for me to eat all these balls solo, so def. bring some friends to share.


Tofu ribbon salad ($8), with mint, cilantro, and chiles, is refreshing as can be. The flavors really open up your senses.


Shao Kao is the Yunnan's version of skewered meats. The lamb meatballs I had were juicy and flavorful, and a real nice bite.


Ham rice cakes ($11) with chilies and tomato, was really delicious.


The Lower East Side is becoming quite the culinary destination. With Mission Chinese around the corner, Chinatown is expanding and modernizing eastward. Yunnan Kitchen is a truly welcome addition to the neighborhood. Grab a bite, have a beer, and enjoy your own little culinary adventure.

Yunnan Kitchen
79 Clinton St. (bet. Rivington and Delancey)
New York, NY 10002