Gradisca, a popular Italian restaurant in the West Village, that recently had an article written about it in the NY Times, is really good. I stopped by for the first time a few weeks ago, and had a great time. I like the layout of this restaurant, the bar is in the back, as opposed to the front, which is nice. The food is spot on too. 

Veal and guanciale meatballs ($15), with wilted onion-tomato friggione, are some tasty balls.


The NY Times highlights "Mama", the mother of the chef who comes in from Italy to make the pasta. "Mama's" hand-crafted meat tortellini ($30), with parmigiano cream is a joy to eat. Knowing that these little guys were made by a real Italian grandmother enhances the experience. They are special and great.


I like Gradisca a lot. The vibe is cool, and the energy is positive. Everyone here is very nice. They got the name "Gradisca" from the convivial character in the Fellini movie "Amarcord. Her bon vivant personality embodies all that is good in life. All that is good in life is present at Gradisca.

126 W. 13th Street (bet. 6th and 7th ave)
New York, NY 1001