The new Midtown restaurant Lexington Brass, from the team behind Abe & Arthurs, and the more recent Catch, is a great restaurant. With high ceilings and beautiful large windows overlooking bustling Lexington Avenue, this place is great for a power lunch, or a delightful dinner. Chef Franklin Becker's American bistro fare is spot on terrific too!

Lobster mac & cheese ($18) is absolutely delicious and perfect. There is a good amount of lobster meat, that does not overpower the dish, yet is perfectly balanced with the cheese and pasta. The addition of breadcrumbs give this dish a lovely crunch, too. It's a true winner.


Impress me with a salad and you have my heart. Lexington Brass's Caesar salad ($13) is refreshing and great.


And now my friends, I'd like to talk to you about the dish at Lexington Brass that is one of the best in all of NYC. Chef Becker makes a truly magical fried chicken ($23)! I love fried chicken, and I've eaten some of the best. The one I ate last week at Lexington Brass did not disappoint. In fact, it's unbelievable. With a beautiful buttermilk skin with great flavor, moist and tender meat, this was fried chicken perfection. What took this dish to another level though was the honey butter it was served with. Each time I took a dip into this culinary bliss, it was one culinary orgasm after another. I wanted to take a bath in this honey butter. Served over fantastic collard greens, a nice biscuit, and sublime and smooth mashed potatoes with gravy, this dish is beyond a hit. Fried chicken lovers paradise exists on 48th and Lex.


I tend to dine downtown often, usually, most of the time. I'm glad I found Lexington Brass, here in Midtown though. A great restaurant no matter where it resides. 

Lexington Brass
517 Lexington Avenue (and 48th)
New York, NY 10017