If you never met me, then you might not know that I am a famous Entertainer (magician/comedian). I am the Foodie Magician! My signature "Foodie Magician" trick, is guessing people's favorite restaurants! It's mainly NYC restaurants, for I am the NYC Foodie, but I can guess your favorite restaurant from any city in the world to be honest. Well, it's not a guess, it's mind-reading! I can read your mind! :) So, as I do this feat of mentalism, there are many times people will think of restaurants that I have heard a lot about, yet never tried. It has been my journey as of late, to discover these favorite restaurants that people have been thinking about, and trying them out for myself. One such restaurant the people think of often is il Buco. 

il Buco is a charming, very rustic Italian restaurant, on Bond St., that charming, cobblestone street, that separates NoHo from the East Village. I love all of Bond St., from its cool restaurants and modern buildings, mixed with that old warm charm of New York.

il Buco is the perfect restaurant for a date, or to dine alone, as I did two weeks ago. The food is spot on delicious.

Kale has been hot this summer. Many restaurants are utilizing this awesome vegetable. il Buco's Cavolonero ($15), Tuscan black kale, garli-anchovy-lemon vinaigrette, filone croutons, and Reggiano is great! If you are a fan of kale, order it. If you are a fan of salads, order it. It's a heavily dressed salad, but that lemony salt flavor hits the right notes.


A mezzi rigatoni ($24) with pork sausage, broccoli rabe, and pecorino was fabulous! The type of pasta dish I dream about. I devoured this beautiful baby in moments.


I was pretty full after these two dishes, but am glad the waiter talked me into ordering il Buco's Panna Cotta all' Aceto Balsamico ($12), "cooked cream" drizzled with 10-year balsamic vinegar. This is a light dessert, the cream a touch of sweetness, counterbalanced by the acidity of the balsamic. It's a unique pairing, but works so harmoniously, and I loved it! A superb ending to a fantastic meal!


So for that rustic Italian charm, il Buco is the perfect spot. When you go, I'm sure I'll know, and I know it will be magical.

il Buco
47 Bond St. (bet. Bowery and Lafayette)
New York, NY 10012