Beer and cheese. Sounds like a great Saturday afternoon to me. Two weeks ago the culinary stars were aligned and fate led me to Park Avenue between 97th street and 98th, an area of NYC I frequent--never. This is where Earl's is located, a restaurant I had read about in New York Magazine, which raved about the place. It is a neighborhood joint, serving beer, and cheese related concoctions by chef Corey Cova. It's a small little place, but the place is great! 

Spicy tomato soup ($6) with Sriracha, ginger, and scallion is fabulous. I wasn't to keen on having soup during 80+ degree weather, but my dining companion, "The Red Carpet Guy" wanted it, and I'm glad he did. It was fabulous!


Next came "the fanciest waffle in the world" ($17), served with foie gras, aged Cabot Cheddar, coffee-cured bacon, apple butter, and maple syrup. Ah, yes please. Decadent and sexy.


Definitely order a grilled cheese sandwich if you are at Earl's. We went with one with NY State Cheddar, pork belly, kimchi, and fried egg, served on sourdough ($8). It was fabulous! I loved the kimchi on this.


Of course, we were obviously on a diet, so we also had to get the Mac & Cheese ($8), with goat cheese, rosemary, and shredded chicken. It was truly fantastic. The addition of rosemary took the flavor too another level. The chicken was perfectly cooked and juicy. This was some great mac and cheese!


Since I'm trying to watch my figure, we ended this onslaught of culinary delights with Earl's rendition of bread pudding ($7). It's a maple pudding served with apples and topped with maple cotton candy and it is out of this world! This bread pudding, just like the rest of Earl's, blew my mind.



I love hidden treasures. You never know what to expect when dining in less inhabited areas. Earl's is fun, great, and special. Sit back, grab a beer (or 5), grab a bite, and have a blast!

Earl's Beer & Cheese
1259 Park Avenue (bet. 97th and 98th)
New York, NY 10029