The Red Rooster in Harlem has gotten a lot of hype lately. This new hot spot from Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson has gotten some great press. I'm all about positivity, and try not to write about a restaurant if I don't like it, but unfortunately, my lunch two weeks ago here was not that great. It was a let down to be honest. I'd be happy to give it another try, but I was not craving to come back after my mediocre lunch.

Fried Yard Bird ($18), dark meat, white Mace gravy, hot sauce and shake, was tasty and fine. 


Hearth baked mac and greens ($14), with Gouda, NY Cheddar, and Comté, was flavorless and not good. Both my dining companion and I were let down.


A side of truffle fries ($7), had to be sent back at first for being undercooked, which I am not mad at, but when returned, they still had no truffle flavor; it was non-existent. I wanted my 7 dollars back.


Sweet potato doughnuts ($8), with cinnamon sugar, were very good, and the highlight of the meal.


Sometimes you can't believe all the hype and everything you read. Sometimes you need to experience restaurants for yourself and form your own opinion. Be it a restaurant that everyone says is great, one that everyone says is not great, or a hidden treasure under the radar no one is talking about. Get out there and go on your own culinary adventure, and see what happens. The Red Rooster might have just been off their game when I was there, Obama was there the night before, so they must have been all drained. I'd be happy to go back, but I ain't paying 7 dollars for truffle fries without the truffle.

Red Rooster

310 Lenox Avenue (bet. 125th and 126th)

New York, NY 10027