Last night I had the pleasure of dining at Millesime, the French Brasserie seafood restaurant located in the Carlton Hotel. The two level space, with formal dining upstairs (where I dined), and more casual dining downstairs, is absolutely stunning. Truly elegant and beautiful, the space truly is the basis for an extremely pleasurable dining experience. 

The service is spot on, and hopefully you will be delighted by the fantastic Maitre'd Samy, to help guide you along your meal as I did last night. The food is beyond wonderful too. 

A Hamachi tartare ($15) with lime and ginger cream, and shiso was excellent. A great start to the meal. The wonderful flavors, with a delightful kick, opened up my taste buds. My palate was pleased.


Smoked herring salad ($15) with warm fingerling potato salad was also fabulous. Perfectly executed, I never had herring prepared this way, and I was happy to broaden my culinary horizon


Calamars Carbonara ($14), calamari, bacon, and parmesan was unbelievable! This is one of the most memorable dishes I've encountered in my life. What looked like pasta, was in fact squid, and it tasted so good, I had a culinary orgasm. It was just the right amount of richness, a truly fabulous dish. I just hope my moaning didn't annoy anyone around me.


Black Sea Bass was a perfectly executed, wonderful filet of fish too. Classic French done right. I could eat this fish any day. Like Millesime, it was a true delight.


Order a side of gratin of root vegetables ($6) they are great. Also, you must order a side of mousselline ($5) too, because they are the best you'll have. A touch of sweetness, a touch of saltiness, your tongue and body will be thanking you forever.


You can end with Millesime's version of a chocolate bar with tangerine sorbet, it's refreshing and really nice. Or go with a dessert of brioche with armagnac infused ice cream, it'll satisfy you just right.


Millesime is a great restaurant. Everything about this place, from the service, decor, and space, to the fabulous food, is wonderful. If you are there late enough, you will be delighted by some great jazz downstairs, or hopefully you get to hear an opera singing waiter sing an aria. This is really dinner and a show. And it's what New York City is all about.

92 Madison Avenue (at 29th Street in the Carlton Hotel)
New York, NYm 10016