It was Foodie central last week at the just opened John Dory Oyster Bar at the Ace Hotel on 29th and Broadway. The NYC Foodie, Foodie Magician, wanted to get his seafood on, and did, as well as Entertained some of the top chefs in NYC. 

I walked in at around 10pm, and saw Bobby Flay, Anita Lo, Jamie Oliver, and Anne Burrell, just to name a few..(I'm not a namedropper, just a reporter of facts.) Since this place was not even a week old, there was a limited menu being offered. I had three different types of oysters, shrimp cocktail, and cold poached lobster. I loved the shrimp and oysters, but thought the addition of a tamale vinaigrette to the lobster was unnecessary. Lobster is so fabulous, let it speak for itself, don't drown it in vinaigrettes, etc. (I enjoy a lobster that talks to me about his or her views on the national healthcare system.)


A bar snack of anchovy and parsley on toast tickled my tongue with glee.


There's nothing like ending a night of seafood bites, and entertaining foodies, with malted chocoloate ice cream with Baileys and honeycombs. A fabulous, delectable, crunchy, dessert, that had me at "hello". And I said "good-bye" to it within seconds. A magician in love, devouring with joy, a disappearing act finale.


The John Dory Oyster Bar is very new, but is already a crowd favorite. It's just another addition to this area of NYC, that is making it cooler, better, and a place to be reckoned with. Stop by for some wine and a seafood snack, and you'll be plenty satisfied. Plus, you never know who you'll run into, or who will entertain you.

John Dory Oyster Bar
1196 Broadway (at 29th Street, attached to the Ace Hotel)
New York, NY 10001