I'm all about positivity-in life, and on this site, so I'm going to attempt to make this one a quickie. IchiUmi is a Japanese sushi and seafood buffet on 32nd Street. I don't normally do buffets, but I was curious (I was not high- at the time), and had been to this place under a different name, and thought it was ok, so thought, why not? Well, after my experience here yesterday, I now know why not.

I arrived at 2pm (on Saturday), the place stops serving lunch at 3pm, and the chefs stop preparing food at 2:30. The place is huge, it spans a full city block, and has seating on two floors, yet, I still had to wait, because the hostess said they were full. I have no problem waiting, especially for good food (that doesn't exist here), alas, when I was brought to my table, I walked by plenty of empty tables. I guess the hostesses didn't see them. That's not the weird thing. The weird thing was that I was taken to my table for one, into a private room, a room right next to the main dining room, separated by a sliding wall. I don't recommend eating here if you are solo. It was one of the weirdest things, and the fact I passed many empty tables in this enormous restaurant on my journey to this "Guam", I would say it was stupid and pointless. They actually opened up a whole other room, just to seat me. 

The food here is not good. It is one of the worst restaurants in NYC. I understand you are a buffet and need to turn out many dishes to many people, but the quality needs to be decent. I will tell you that, I did not get food poisoning, so that is a good thing. I never score restaurants, but if I did it for IchiUmi, it would look like this:

Overall Experience= -4

I'm not going to even give you the address for this place, because I don't want you going here. Google it if you want.