The NYC Foodie eats a lot, and definitely needs to watch his figure. So, when trying to keep svelte, the one food I choose to eat is fried chicken. I know that the delicious, crispiness of that skin, and healthy, tender meat, will keep my six pack going strong...

Hill Country Chicken opened up last week, the offshoot from Marc Glosserman's BBQ joint Hill Country, my pick for the best BBQ in NYC. To say I was excited when I heard this fried chicken spot was opening up, would be an understatement. I stopped in Sunday to check it out.

It's a large and bright space, with another large downstairs dining space, reminiscent of Hill Country. It reminded me of a suburbian, country, pancake house. The fried chicken here is really good. There are two types you can choose from: Mama Els' Recipe, which is skinless, with a crunchy, cracker crust and the classic skin-on, signature salty and sweet shake. I grabbed a skinless breast ($5.50) and a drum ($2.25), and skin-on wing ($1.75). Also, a side of cheesy fried mashed potatoes ($2.25).

I really enjoyed this fried chicken. I loved the crunchy, cracker skinless chicken, it was very flavorful, with some very tender and juicy meat. The skin-on wing was fine too. I'm not sure if this fried chicken was mind-blowing, but I know I would come back here in a second! The cheesy mashed potatoes, a nice take on mac and cheese, was wonderful and tasty as well. Perfect for anyone trying to watch their figure.


Hill Country Chicken does fried chicken right. It's definitely a fun place to get your fried chicken cravings taken care of. The staff is also very courteous and nice too. It's just down the block from Madison Square Park, so it's perfect if you wanted to have a great picnic feast! Colonel Sanders would be impressed.

Hill Country Chicken
1123 Broadway (and 25th St.)
New York, NY 10010