Monday night I ended up going to dinner at new celebrity "hot spot" The Waverly Inn. I was there a week before for a glass of wine, when 5 minutes after I ordered, P. Diddy and his girlfriend and bodyguard walked in, 5 minutes after that Ivanka Trump left, and 5 minutes after that Amy Poehler from SNL and her husband Will Arnett from Arrested Development had left. I knew this was the spot I belonged at. In fact I stayed after the place had closed and entertained the chef and hosts with some amazing magic.

It is a very cozy and quaint place. There is a nice bar area when you first walk in, with the dining area in the next room. I'm sure on any given day if you take a peak inside this room you will see various celebrities and "power" players dining on some good, satisfying food.

In fact, I was seated right next to the entryway, but the only celebrity I noticed was me. Well, actually later on in my meal I had a nice conversation with actress Erika Christensen, although I was wasted, so I don't exactly remember what I said.

Instead of bread to begin the meal my waiter brought me a basket of two biscuits and some creamy butter. These biscuits were excellent; soft, warm, and perfect. In fact they were the best biscuits I have ever had!

For my appetizer I tried the Tuna Tartare with avocado and dijon emulsion. It was excellent. Fresh with perfect flavor, and I even detected a slight hint of egg, which I thought was great.

For my entree I had the Braised Short Ribs with celery root puree. Now, short ribs are getting very popular on many menus around NYC, these were very good. Nice and tender and my celery root puree was the perfect compliment to the meat.

The only downside of the Waverly Inn was the end of the meal. For dessert I had the chocolate cake. It was boring and really not that good.

So, for some great celebrity sightings and very good satisfying food the Waverly Inn is a perfect little spot. Like I always tell people, biscuits and Diddy always make for a great meal.

The Waverly Inn
16 Bank St. (at Waverly Pl)

New York, NY 10014