Tuesday night I was in the Lower East Side and stumbled upon a new Vietnamese restaurant called Slurp. I thought the name was cool so I stopped in for a bite. 

I ordered the Grilled Pork Bun ($15) which came with grilled pork, rice vermicelli, celery, cilantro, cucumber, crushed peanuts and a side of fish sauce. I thought the dish was ok. It definitely needed some more flavor, in fact I had to ask for another sauce (sweet and spicy) after I finished the sweet fish sauce. I have had this dish at other Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown which tasted similar, but for half the price. 

I think this restaurant could be a welcome to the neighborhood, but the whole time I was there perusing the menu, I kept on being reminded about all those great authentic chinatown Vietnamese spots, with better food for a cheaper price. So, I guess if you are in the neighborhood and craving Vietnamese this could give you a decent fix, but for a better bang for your buck, I'd head downtown a little further to Chinatown.

84 Stanton St. (at Orchard St.)
New York, NY 10002