I'm not a huge fan of hot dogs, but when I saw that this new spot in the West Village had hot dogs topped with Korean food, such as bulgogi, (Korean marinated bbq beef), I was intrigued. I love Korean food.

So last night I had one of their all beef dogs topped with the bulgogi. And I have to tell you, it was really, really, really good. The hot dog was juicy, the bulgogi was sweet and tasty, and since I requested it spicy, there was a great kick to it. 

At first glance of the price of $4.99, I thought that was a tad pricey for a hot dog, but in retrospect it is a pretty good bang for your buck. You can also get a hot dog with another Korean specialty called Dak-Kalbi, which is a grilled chicken sausage with spicy marinated chicken on top. I think I'll stop by and try that next time. They also have waffles, frozen yogurt, and of course, coffee.

So, for a unique hot dog experience New York Hot Dog & Coffee hits the spot!

New York Hot Dog & Coffee
245 Bleecker St. (at Leroy St.)

New York, NY 10014