A few weeks ago I went to a semi-new restaurant on a small stretch of West 10th street in the West Village called Kingswood. The reason for going there was to write a review for a website based in London. I was very happy for the opportunity.

Kingswood is an Australian restaurant that comes to us from the folks behind Ruby's, an Australain spot in Nolita. I walked in to a bustling restaurant. There were large windows up front by the street, with some tables by them with diners. The centerpiece of the restaurant was a large copper square bar that was pretty busy. Past the bar was a large open space with many tables filled with diners, including one large wooden communal table. I asked if they had a table for one, and the owner knew right away I was from the website and had a table ready for me. (The website is focused on doing things on your own, and the owner of the website had previously met with the owner of Kingswood.)

When I dine out alone, sometimes I like to dine at the bar and other times I like to dine at a table. They are two totally different experiences. I was given the table next to the large wooden communal table which was filled with a party of around ten gals. In fact, one of the gals was sitting in the seat across from me at my table, chatting with one of her friends. I of course told her she could stay, but after two minutes she left. (On a side note, one of the gals at the table next to me had met me over a year ago waiting in line (yes, i was doing magic) at Tomoe Sushi, a great and popular sushi spot on Thompson street in the West Village) This was a great beginning to the meal. Nothing like girls and grub for a single twenty-something! 

I first decided to order one of their Australian beers. As I sat there waiting for my beer, the one striking aspect of the restaurant I noticed was that it was loud. It was extremely loud, and the acoustics were horrible. This is not a place I'd want to take a date for an intimate dinner. I was there to review the place for a website that caters to doing things on your own, and I was not sure if I would want to dine here alone again. If I did, I would definitely choose the bar. These were all thoughts going through my head before I even ordered my food. 

My main focus when dining out is the food, of course. I ordered the scallop appetizer and the Parmesan crusted Rack of Lamb entree, as well as a side of the truffle fries.

The scallop appetizer was a very good dish. It came with a carrot puree and some citrus. I loved how the sweetness of the carrot puree and the citrus contrasted each other. The scallops were perfectly cooked, and had a nice char on the outside, but were tender. 

The parmesan crusted rack of lamb came with tomato orzo and seasonal greens. This dish blew my mind-but not in a good way. Although the lamb was nicely cooked, and the parmesan crust gave it some nice saltiness, I was completely perplexed about what the tomato orzo was doing there. The tomato orzo did not go well with the lamb at all. (Orzo is pasta that looks like rice) I thought it had no reason being on the plate, I did not understand this dish. Maybe it is common in Australia? I'm not sure. But, it was not a good compliment to the lamb at all.

The side of truffle fries were ok. They came with a truffle aioli on them, and they were somewhat crispy, but I can't say I loved them.

Would I go back to Kingswood? Maybe. I think it could be a good place for groups. And I would want to try some more of their food, for I have heard some good things, especially about their burger, which seems to be popular. In fact, it could be the ideal place for a burger and some beer, and maybe getting drunk with Australians. But just remember, you might lose your voice talking to them, trying to talk over everyone else in the restaurant.

121 W. 10th Street (at Greenwich Ave.)
New York, NY 10011