Last week I decided to try a new "burger" spot that opened up in Hells Kitchen called Five Napkin Burger. This spot comes to us from Restaurateur Simon Oren who has a nice pedigree of restaurants (Nice Matin, Marseille, Nizza, etc.), so I looked forward to trying his new "burger" spot and to see if it competes with the best burgers in NYC.

The place is large and open and there is plenty of room. I liked the design of the space (it used to be the restaurant Jezebel). I ordered the Bacon-Cheddar Burger ($14.95). The burger was very big (10oz), thick, and juicy and came with lettuce and tomato. Overall I thought it was a good burger.

Unfortunately, it came with fries that were cold. Now, the restaurant had only been open for around a week, so I guess the kitchen still has some kinks, but if you are going to highlight your burger in the name of your restaurant, you better get the fries right too! Had the fries been warm I probably would have thought they were good, but to serve cold fries is a huge error, and I do hope they fix that mistake.

Also, there is sushi on the menu! Some people might think of this as a nice option, I personally think the restaurant might have an identity issue. I didn't try the sushi, so it might be good. But I'm not going back until they heat up their fries.

Five Napkin Burger
630 Ninth Avenue (at 45th Street)
New York, NY 10036