Today for lunch I decided to go to a new burger joint that opened up in the West Village; BLT Burger. BLT Burger is the lastest restaurant from popular NYC restaurateur/chef Laurent Tourondel (BLT stands for Bistro Laurent Tourondel).

The place is not fancy or stylish at all like his other restaurants (BLT Steak, BLT Fish,
BLT Prime). Its plain and simple with a bar up front, then walls lined with booths and some tabels in the middle. At the end wall there is a huge mirror with a huge stuffed bullhead with huge horns on it. The place reminded me of any bar or burger joint you might find in the suburbs.

The menu consists of your typical burger joint classics; regular burgers, turkey burgers, and ups it up a notch with a lamb burger , an "ahi" tuna sandwich, and a kobe beef burger. They have have a few salads and appetizers too. There is also a large beer selection and milkshake section, which you can get "spiked".

I went with the classic burger combo which came with a burger, fries and a fountain soda for $11. The burgers are 100% Beef Burgers and a combination of Sirloin, Short Rib, Chuck & Brisket Cut and are served on a Soft Bun with Tomato, Red Onion, Iceburg Lettuce, Pickles, Ketchup, Mustard & Mayo. I got mine with Monterey Jack Cheese. I was expecting a massive burger, but when it came out it was much smaller and flatter then I expected. This wasn't a bad thing. It tasted fine, but it didn't blow me away.

I also got some waffle fries with melted cheddar on them. They were crispy and tasty. My coke was perfect.

I ended with the peanut butter milkshake which was sweet but fine.

BLT Burger is a nice burger joint and I'll probably come back some time to try another type of burger or some chicken wings with some beer. The prices are fine which is nice cause it gave me an insight into what is turning out to be the BLT Empire.

BLT Burger
470 6th Avenue (bet. 11th and 12th st.)

New York, NY 10011