Wednesday night I met a friend of mine at Pastis. If you never heard of Pastis, it is a "sceney" restaurant in the Meatpacking District, made "scenier" by it's appearances on "Sex and the City". On any given night you'll find your typical fashionistas, celebs, and "Sex and the City" wannabes. 

I've been to Pastis a few times, and I think it is a great place to grab a drink and a bite. You would think that a restaurant like this would be more focused on its looks and vibe, then the food, but I feel compelled to write about their steak sandwich ($18).

I had the steak sandwich Wednesday-for the second time. I tend to like to try new dishes, but fate led me to order it again, after our waitress steered me away from the pork chop I was contemplating.

The sandwich comes with onions and gruyere cheese, and a side of fries. The meat was tender and juicy, and the onions and the cheese were not overloaded, so it was a perfectly balanced sandwich. In fact, it was the best steak sandwich I have ever encountered. The fries at Pastis need to be discussed too. Why? Cause they are pefect! Crispy, with the right amount of saltiness. I love these fries. There's nothing like sitting outside, having a drink, enjoying an awesome sandwich while good-looking people walk by.

For good eats, people watching, and a taste of cool, Pastis is the perfect spot.

9 9th Avenue (at Little West 12th st.)

New York, NY 10014