On a warm April day my sister and I decided to go for a walk and spontaneously ended up walking over the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn. We decided to check out a restaurant I have heard a lot about; Dressler.

Dressler has a cool vibe to it. It is a mix of formal and hip, casual and chic. You would feel comfortable wearing a suit there or wearing a t-shirt and jeans, as I was in. This is Brooklyn Chic.

We started with half a dozen fresh oysters that were really good. My sister had a tasty special duck appetizer. I started with a braised Berkshire pork belly appetizer that was out of this world! It was amazingly seasoned, crispy and tender. It reminded me of the great pork belly dish at the restaurant Tailor, and could easily give it a run for it's money. 

We shared the Roasted Free Range Chicken entree which came with Swiss chard, potato dumplings, white pearls, baby artichokes, and asparagus. Now, I normally never order chicken at a restaurant, but the waitress recommended it, so we pressed our luck. Let me tell you- it was the best chicken dish I have ever encountered. The skin was crispy, the meat was juicy and moist, and the vegetables were fresh and went well with the chicken. I had fantasies about that chicken dish for weeks after, and actually I still think about it.

For dessert we shared the Bittersweet Chocolate Cream with English toffee, chocolate shortbread, and salted caramel ice cream. I loved the balance between sweet and salt in this dish. It was a fantastic dessert!

I rarely head to Brooklyn, not because there aren't any good restaurants there, because there are, but because there are so many in Manhattan that I still need to try. I must tell say that I am so glad we made that spontaneous journey across the bridge, for we not only found a great Brooklyn restaurant, we found a great New York restaurant. It's worth the trip.

149 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211