Saturday was a gorgeous day. I walked downtown to the West Village to meet up with my sister to grab dinner. We decided to walk around until we found the perfect spot. A spot that called us both with some culinary magnetism. After walking through the West Village, through Soho, and perusing the menus outside many restaurants, our journey took us to Nolita. This is where on the corner of a quiet block a restaurant called both our names (and stomachs).

The chosen restaurant was Barmarche. It's a causal setting, a perfect neighborhood spot. I was dressed in shorts and a T-shirt and fit right in.

We started with the Maine Diver Scallop entree with a salsa borracha. The scallops were slightly crispy on the top, perfectly tender, and were complimented beautifully with the salsa, with just the right amount of spiciness. This was a great start.

My sister ordered a Rainbow Trout entree with herbal harcot vert and an Albarino caper reduction. The fish was very crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and the caper reduction was a calming touch to the dish. It tasted delicious.

I too was in the mood for fish and ordered the "60 second swordfish", with crushed avocado and jalapeno creme fraiche. For some reason they didn't have the swordfish and replaced it with Mahi Mahi. It was tasty and delicious as well.

For dessert we had a chocolate flourless cake with dulce de leche ice cream. The cake almost tasted like a brownie, but was good, and the ice cream was splendid.

It was a very satisfying meal and I felt content when I was finished. I was proud of our culinary magnetism. So, if you are ever in the neighborhood of Nolita (North of Little Italy) Barmarche is the perfect casual restaurant for a pefectly cooked meal.

14 Spring Street (at Elizabeth Street)

New York, NY 10012