When I think of fried chicken, I get all giddy, start jumping in the air, dance around, and sing show tunes. I love me some fried chicken, and my favorite type of fried chicken is Korean fried chicken. The best place in NYC for this is at Mad For Chicken on 32nd and 5th Avenue, the start of "Koreatown". Mad For Chicken used to be called BonChon Chicken, a popular Korean fried chicken chain in NYC. So, when I was in the East Village last weekend, craving some fried chicken, I stopped into Boka, a Korean restaurant on St. Marks, that serves BonChon chicken.

The chicken here is excellent! Perfectly crisp skin, juicy and tender meat, and the soy garlic flavor I ordered was delicious. I love this chicken! I will say the waiter was a tad bias/racist because I was caucasian, and assumed I would not enjoy the pickled radish that is complimentary with each fried chicken order, and did not bring it right away with my order, until he asked me if I wanted it. Of course I did! (Management needs to tell the waiters, who are very nice, not to assume things base on color or race.) 


A side of skewered meats, kalbi and bacon, were fine and tasty, but it really is all about the BonChon chicken here!


So for some fantastic Korean fried chicken on St. Marks, Boka/BonChon Chicken hits the spot. Get your crunch on!

Boka/BonChon Chicken
9 Saint Marks Place (bet. 3rd and 2nd)
New York, NY 10003