Oh Argentina, how I wish I could visit you. How I wish I could explore your cuisine, a cuisine I do not consume often. I know dreams come true, I know dreams come true. 

Well, if you guys are like me and desire to head to Argentina and dine on fabulous foods, I will help you save a lot of money by directing you to the fantastic Agentinian bistro, Azul, in the Lower East Side. This restaurant, which has been around since 2001, had escaped my stomach until last night, when I was able to do a little tasting, and realized the mistake I have made for 9 years, by not coming here sooner. Good things come to those who wait though.

Look up and you'll see hundreds of Argentinian magazine pages on the ceiling. Look at your table and you will see wonderful Argentinian fare. Start with a basket of warm Balthazar Bakery bread, and then forget about France for the night, and get ready to be welcomed to Argentina. 


A starter of fresh, homemade empanadas, one with beef and one with shrimp and corn are delectable. The sweetness of the fresh corn is wonderful.


Grilled octopus over potato, with onions and the tastiest Spanish paprika, is foodie heaven. Perfection. I licked my plate clean in less than two minutes (see pic).


Grilled veal sweetbread with pea and mint puree, sea salt and lemon zest, had such bold and unique flavor, my taste buds gave a standing ovation to the chef.


Ah, and then there is the fabulous meats served at Azul. All perfect and amazing. A lamb chop, skirt steak, and short rib, were so tender, juicy, and perfectly cooked, I wanted to take each cut of meat home with me and cuddle with them all night long. The meat talked to me and I spoke back, whispering sweet nothings. There were no awkward silences, no fights or arguments. It was the perfect relationship. My parents will surely be introduced soon enough.


And then there is dessert. Flan. Dulce De Leche Flan. Heaven on a plate. After one spoonful, I decided I wanted to take a bath with this flan, it was so darn good. Beautiful flavor and texture, a sweet rush of love fluttered in my heart. That flan totally completed me. A match made in heaven, and a stunning ending, to a tasty and dreamy meal.


So head down to the corner of Stanton and Suffolk in the Lower East Side, and get whisked away to Argentina. Sit back, relax, have a glass of Malbec, and let your Agentinian dreams come true.

Azul Argentine Bistro
152 Stanton St. (and Suffolk)
New York, NY 10002