What was once the Southern/Cajun NoHo joint Acme, is now the uber-hip, sceney, and cool, New Nordic joint Acme. The owners of Indochine and Bond St. have brought in Chef Mads Refslund, from acclaimed Copenhagen restaurant Noma, and reinvented the space and menu. The restaurant is definitely cool. The food is daring and unique, and different. Of all the dishes I ate, I loved none. The flavors to me did not tickle my fancy. Is it because my palate was not used to this cuisine? Who knows. I have noticed some glowing reviews of this place as of late. I commend the restaurant for it's uniqueness, and it's a spot worth checking out for a new culinary experience. I would go back to try more of the dishes, but I was a bit confused after my meal here a few weeks ago.

Sweet Shrimp and Bison, with bitter lettuce and white walnuts sounded interesting on paper. But, the lettuce was too overpowering, I tasted none of the shrimp or bison. Why would you serve "bitter" lettuce? The bitterness killed the dish.


From a section of the menu labeled "Soil", I ordered Hay Roasted Sunchokes, with New England Gruyere and black Winter truffles. Although, I loved the Gruyere, which was served as a foam, the sunchokes just didn't do it for me. Maybe it was because I'm used to having more sunchoke purees than actual whole sunchokes. It was as if they were just picked from the ground, placed on a plate, and dressed with a foam. Not my style.


Pan roasted black sea bass with pickled tomatoes confit, and dandelion greens, was an excellently prepared fish. The fish was cooked to perfection, with a glorious crisp skin, and juicy meat. But what were those dandelion greens doing there in the center of the plate? Was it pretty? I suppose. Did it add anything to the flavor of the fish? No. It was pointless.


And then there was dessert. A beer and bread porridge with salted caramel. This dessert pretty much sums up my experience and feelings about the new Acme. It was interesting, unique, and daring, yet I totally disliked the flavors. It just wasn't my style, and I did not enjoy this dish.


Acme is an interesting restaurant. If you are looking to grab a drink within the downtown "Scene" of New York City, you should go check it out. I do love original restaurants, and daring cuisine. I have a lot of respect for Acme. I will go back and try other dishes. But my meal here and my taste buds just did not click.

9 Great Jones St. (and Lafayette)
New York, NY 10012