Ladies and gentleman, Saturday night I had one of the best pizza pies in all of NYC at Lucali, in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Lucali just serves large pizza pies ($24 for a plain pie) and two sizes of calzones, in their small (10 tables), but rustic and romantic space, but it is a place I recommend all pizza lovers check out. 

My good foodie friend who has been raving about this place brought me here and we ordered our pie half with artichoke and garlic, the other half with mushrooms and shallots. We also got a small calzone. 

The pizza was absolutely perfect. With amazingly fresh ingredients, and deliciously crispy crust, I could not think of a better pizza pie I have eaten. The freshness of the artichokes still lingers in my mind.


The calzone ($10) was also excellent. With fresh and delicate ricotta, each bite was an oasis of love in my mouth.


I will say that greatness does not come cheap. A plain pie at Lucali costs $24, toppings extra. Our total bill before tip was $43 which does seem a lot just for pizza. But, I will also say, that this isn't just your ordinary pizza and calzone. This is the freshest and best you might ever have. The moon hit my eye that night. 

575 Henry St. (at Carroll St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11231