Starbucks. Starbu..Star..St...S...With all these independent coffee spots opening up all over NYC, Starbucks is quickly disappearing from my vocabulary. From Stumptown to Abraco, there is some great coffee in NYC. Today I bring to you some of the best iced coffee around from Birch Coffee. My first reaction after one sip was, "Wow, it's like butta". Check out this press release to see why:

"Well, you guessed it. With this 60 + degree weather and an emphatic YES, it is iced coffee season. And boy, do we have the treat for your. Cold brewed iced coffee. 

You may be asking yourself, how can coffee possibly be brewed cold? Most shops will brew a hot pot a bit stronger and then cool the pot down before refrigerating it. You’re probably used to drinking that and not even aware of this cold brew sensation! So, why don’t you come into Birch and have what locals are calling “more addicting than crack”. 
At Birch Coffee, we take pride in our coffee and stand firmly behind it. Therefore, we try to use the optimal method to brew all our coffee. Try it black first, and then, if you still think you need milk or sugar, we’ll be happy to hook you up.

Come in and check out the latest coffee phenomenon. There will likely be 12 step meetings for this stuff very soon."


Birch Coffee
5 E. 27th St. (bet. 5th and Madison)
New York, NY 10016