Last week I was invited to lunch at London Lennies, a seafood restaurant in Rego Park, Queens, that is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year. My last time at London Lennies was around twenty years ago, so I was excited for this culinary reunion! 

The restaurant is a charming large space, very comfortable for seafood consumption. The restaurant was debuting a new "Seafood on a Shoestring" menu, where for $18 (for lunch) you get a choice of starter, entree, and dessert, which is an amazing deal, and great bang for your buck!

Before the meal came we were all brought a bowl of coleslaw. This was not your ordinary coleslaw though, this was the BEST coleslaw I had ever had! It was so good and addictive, I could not stop eating it throughout the meal.


I ordered the New England clam chowder and the lobster roll.

The chowder was absolutely perfect and delicious. Sometimes restaurants make the chowder too watery, sometimes its too thick, this one was just right, and delicious!


My lobster roll was wonderful; light, simple, and tasty. The fresh lobster was the true highlight of this sandwich- as it should be. It was the perfect lobster roll.


We also ordered a plate of calamari and bay sea scallops for the table.

The calamari was really good and the sea scallops blew my mind. They were very simple, but I could taste the freshness, and they practically melted in my mouth. They were like butter!


My dining companions ordered a chicken breast sandwich and a caesar salad with shrimp, which I didn't try, but I know they were satisfied.


London Lennies is the perfect seafood restaurant. With great fresh seafood being served for 50 years, it truly is an institution in Queens. I'd call it the "king of seafood" of Queens.

London Lennies
63-88 Woodhaven Blvd. 
Rego Park, NY 11374