I love coffee. I live on it. It gets me through the day. Ok, I probably don't even need coffee, as I am pretty hyper and energetic without it, but it makes me feel good. I get tall iced coffees from Starbucks on a daily basis. Is Starbucks coffee good? It does the job- for me at least- and they are on every block. Seriously, there are 4 Starbucks within a one block radius from my apt, surrounding me on all sides, like they are at war with me, at least at war with conquering my craving for caffeine- and Starbucks wins every day. I think once I was in a Starbucks and found another Starbucks inside that Starbucks; it was nutty. 

Anywhoosies, I do enjoy venturing out to more independent coffee spots in NYC and will say that 100% of the time the coffee is a tad better, but they all have the same effect- getting me wired, which is all that counts. 

I had heard about Stumptown Coffee opening up in the Ace Hotel and stopped by last week for an iced coffee and enjoyed it. I stopped by again this past weekend, and asked one of the baristas what he recommended, and he told me the cappuccino, which I ordered. And, I must say, it was the BEST cappuccino I have ever had. Now, you might ask, "What made it the best, NYC FOODIE?" I really can't say exactly; it was smooth and bold, and delicious. Maybe it was the cute little swirl he made which, I called a "swirly". Maybe it was all in my head. But I recommend you go for yourself to try one, and let me know what you think. Even if you don't think it is the best, you'll still get your caffeine fix, and that is all that really matters.


Stumptown Coffee
18 W. 29th Street (and Broadway in the ACE Hotel)
New York, NY 10001