Last week I grabbed a quick dinner at The Redhead, an East Village bar known for it's Southern accented menu. I have been wanting to check this place out for a while and finally made the move.

I ordered the two dishes I had read the most about; the bacon peanut brittle and the buttermilk fried chicken.

The bacon peanut brittle ($5) is a great bar snack. I definitely agree with the saying "everything tastes better with bacon", and this little snack was extremely addictive. Made with maple syrup, cayenne, and thyme, it has a great balance of spiciness and sweetness. It has become so popular that they sell it by the jar so diners can take it home. It definitely is up there for bar snack of the year!


The buttermilk fried chicken, ($17) with cornbread, and a spinach and strawberry salad with almonds, was really nice. The fried chicken didn't blow my mind, but it was still really good. I loved the salad for it was extremely fresh, and I thought the combination of spinach and strawberry was perfect for the Summer.


The Redhead is basically a bar with really good food. It reminded me of the Spotted Pig, but much more laid back and without the "scene". So, I don't care if you are into blondes or brunettes, this Redhead is definitely worth checking out!

The Redhead
349 E. 13th St. (bet. 1st and 2nd)
New York, NY 10003