On January 1st I decided to start the year off right and went to my favorite NYC restaurant Momofuku Ssam Bar. I brought along my good friend, the “Lifestyle Artist” (and the voice of the Oxygen network) Allison Hagendorf. She had never been to Momofuku Ssam, and I was excited to show her why I love this place so much!

We started off with the steamed pork buns, which is probably the most popular dish at Momofuku Ssam (as well as Momofuku Noodle Bar), and I believe the dish that put chef/owner David Chang on the map. They come with pork belly, hoisin, cucumber, and scallions, and they are quite orgasmic. The pork is always perfectly cooked, juicy, tender, and succulent. 


We also had a half-dozen of the Beau Soleil oysters with kimchi consommé, as well as the cured hamachi with edamame, horseradish, and pea leaves. The oysters were refreshing and delicious. The hamachi was also wonderful. I loved the play on texture with the crunchiness of the edamame and pea leaves and the softness of the hamachi. The horseradish gave the dish the perfect little kick. It was a fantastic way to start a meal.

Next we had the poached chatham cod with matsutake dashi, pinenut, and black garlic. It was a really nice dish. Again, the textures were beautifully paired; the crispiness of the pinenuts to the tenderness of the cod. I enjoyed the flavor combination that the black garlic and dashi added as well. 

Then came dessert. And if you want to end dinner with a bang, this is the place to do it. We had the pb &j and the pear sorbet. And I must say, these are two of the best desserts I’ve ever had, if not the absolute best! The pb & j came with Heritage Station Concord grapes, and saltine panna cotta. The saltiness and sweetness complemented each other so perfectly; after the first bite I thought I was in heaven! The pear sorbet came with pumpkin ganache and gorgonzola dolce. The sweetness of the pumpkin combined with the gorgonzola dolce was such a harmonious balance with the tartness of the pear sorbet, it brought a tear to my eye!

Momofuku Ssam Bar is my favorite restaurant in NYC. All the dishes have amazing flavors and textures. The dishes are unique, different, refreshing, and I must say quite orgasmic! In fact, I used the word “orgasm” quite a few times during the meal, it was that good (Oh, and I also had 7 OB beers that loosened me up a bit)! So for one of NYC’s best restaurants, Momofuku Ssam Bar is a place you must go to. Don’t be surprised if you have an orgasm, or multiple ones.

Momofuku Ssam Bar
207 2nd Ave (at 13th St.)
New York, NY 10003