I hadn't been to The Little Owl since 2006 (see my review on this site) and the two or three times I had been, I dined alone. I went last night, this time with the perfect dining companion. I have to tell you that The Little Owl has not missed a beat. It is still cozy, quaint, homey, romantic, and the perfect restaurant! 

We started with the gravy meatball sliders ($10) and the goat's cheese gnocchi ($14). The sliders, made with beef, pork, veal and pecorino, were honestly orgasmic! I loved the addition of pecorino, which gave the meat an extra little zing. These sliders are one of my top favorite dishes in all of NYC! The gnocchi was quite excellent as well. It came with ratatouille, rosemary braised lamb, and natural jus. The gnocchi was cooked perfectly and it was like popping little pillows of deliciousness into your mouth!



For entrees we had the roasted halibut ($23) and the potato wrapped scallops ($28). The roasted halibut came with chive mashed potatoes and lemon creme fraiche. It was cooked perfectly with crispy skin on top, and tender meat underneath. The chive mashed potatoes were the perfect complement to the fish. I wouldn't say it was mindblowing, but it was a really nice dish. 

What was mindblowing was the potato wrapped scallops, which came with spinach, capers and lemon-leek brown butter. This may be the best scallop dish I have ever had! The scallops were fresh, clean, sleek and absolutely perfect. The potato wrap gave the scallops the perfect touch of crispiness and the bed of spinach was the perfect complement. The lemon-leek brown butter was soothing and delicious!


For dessert we had the chocolate cake with pecans and espresso gelato ($7) and the raspberry beignets with nutella ($7). The chocolate cake was cliched but fine. The beignets were great. Doughy, chewy, addictive, and the perfect ending to a fantastic meal.


So for one of NYC's best all around restaurants, The Little Owl is still the place to be.

The Little Owl
90 Bedford St. (at Grove)
New York, NY 10014